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The trail of the Spectacled Bear


This is a tour of contemplation of the habitat of the only bear specie in South America. The Bioandina reserve is located quite close to Bogota, this is where the presence of these bears in the wild is evident. The foundation Natibo, BioAndina and Caminantes del Retorno invite you to experience this path where Orlando Feliciano, leader of the project, accompanied by John and Jenny, have been trying to take care and conserve this endangered species for more than 20 years.


You will on a 3-hour route, observing traces that this majestic animal leaves in its way, you will learn the importance of its existence and enjoy a wonderful tour through the high Andean forest, and the paramo ecosystem.


This tour is exclusive for 15 people, Bioandina has authorized us to visit it, however, since this is the shelter for wildlife, you must take into account conservation rules that seek to ensure integrity and permanence in the area where the animal feels safe. Keep in mind that wildlife observation cannot guarantee direct sightings of the species.




The Andean Bear is distributed along the  Andes Mountain Range. In the area of Chingaza National Park, there is a population of about 60 bears. Orlando Feliciano, leads a reception and reintroduction program of The Spectacled Bear (Oso Andino). Most of the bears come from seizures made by the environmental authorities. The BioAndina reserve is located behind the Chingaza National Natural Park, on the road that leads from Guasca to Sueva, about 3 hours from Bogotá. It currently has 8 bears in its custody, of which 6 are being prepared to be reintroduced into the wild. The bears which are going to be reintroduced, it is not possible to see them, or to have any contact with them.




The spectacled bear (Oso Andino) is the only Colombian bear. It is a vulnerable and threatened species, of diurnal and solitary habits. It is omnivorous, terrestrial and climber. It is currently in a state of threat; due to hunting as a sport, superstition or being considered a plague as many farmers believe that this mammal eats their livestock.


Important information:

Meeting point:                  Calle 63 with Cra 7 in front of the grocery store Carulla

Departure time:                7:00 am.

Arrival to the reserve:      11: 00 am aproximately

Difficulty level:                  Low

Max of participants:         15 travellers

Walking distance:             5 km

Walking time:                    3  hours approximately (slow pace with stops)

Return time to Bogotá:    8 pm approximately

Type of activity:                Philanthropic, family and educational


We thank the Natibo Foundation for being a strategic partner in the conservation of Colombian fauna.


Express transportation round trip

Local and professional guides

Entrance to the reserve

Water to serve in thermos


Donation to Bioandina for the sustainability of the conservation program


Not included: 

Breakfast (the guide will take you to have a typical  breakfast in a local restaurant on the way)

Lunch, it is essential to take a picnic at the OSO viewpoint


For 100.000 pesos you can get a beautiful Bear Doll, these resources will help to feed the bears in care.

  • During wildlife observation tours, priority must be given to SILENCE. Animals should not be fed or contacted.
  • It is very important to always follow the instructions of the guide
  • Review the recommendations and tools that appear on our website
  • Caminantes del Retorno works with local communities providing tourism services to promote conservation programs.
  • Registration deadline: thursday before departure


How to be prepared for one day treks
  • Carry an ergonomic backpack of about 30 liter capacity.
  • Wear breathable, water resistant clothes. Dress accordingly to climate conditions of the destination your are going to visit. Quick dry clothes are strongly recommended. Avoid jeans.
  • Do not use brand new shoes in any of our treks. Hiking or trekking boots are recommended.
  • Bring additional clothes just in case you need to change for a comfortable trip back to Bogota. Your additional clothes can be stored in our bus while you are trekking. You don’t have to carry them in your backpack.
  • Please bring a plastic bag to take trash you produce back to the city.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Use caps or hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • For some people, trek poles are useful to keep a good balance while walking.
  • If needed, bring any medicine you might have to take.
  • Bring your personal documents always with you. Personal ID and medical insurance.
  • Bring your own food and beverages. Restaurants will not be found along the day. We recommend to take sandwiches, peanutsor cereal bars and about 350ml to 500ml of your preferred hydration beverage.
  • Do not bring jewelry.
  • Protect your electronic devices and documents from rain and dust. If you don’t have a highly protective case for your electronics, a plastic ziploc bag will do.
  • Do not use camo clothes. They are forbidden for civil use in Colombia.
  • Do not bring cigarettes, beer, wines or spirits.
  • If you haven’t had enough sleep, if you feel sick or if you have a hangover, please do not  book trekking activities.
  • If you are pregnant, have an injury or a medical condition that represents a limitation for physical activities, please follow your physician’s instructions accordingly.



Choose the date and number of friends that will travel with you:

3.000 m.a.s.l.


5-15 ºC


Andean region


This is a tour of contemplation of the habitat of the only bear specie in South America. The Bioandina reserve is located quite close to Bogota, this is where the presence of these bears in the wild is evident. The foundation Natibo, BioAndina and Caminantes del Retorno invite you to live this experience.

Additional information

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23 of March


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