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Difficulty levels

This is a general orientation guide. Keep in mind that all walks require effort.

Special notes:

Please take into account that every trip made by Caminantes del Retorno is planned for inexperienced trekkers. Every person who enrolls in our trips must have an open mind towards climate and terrain conditions. Being prepared for warm or cold rainy conditions is in the essence of trekking. Enjoying beautiful natural landscapes is the ultimate objective of our activities, so competition is never in our minds. Our professional tour guides are always supportive to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your trek.

If you have any medical condition that does not allow you to walk normally, if you feel sick or haven’t slept well it is not recommended for you to participate in any of our activities. If you have a sedentary lifestyle some of our treks may represent an excess of physical activity.

Difficulty levels 

LOW LEVEL: Trails up to 7Km that might take from 2 to 3 hours in a slow-paced speed. Short ascents and descents can be found. Low difficulty level treks are great for entry level trekkers, kids, families or even enterprise events.

INTERMEDIUM LEVEL: Treks featuring trails between 8Km and 15Km, that could take between 3 to 5 hours at a slow-paced walk. Most of the treks we offer have a mid level difficulty. Terrain conditions may vary. This trekking activities are ideal for people with good physical conditions while not being athletes.

HIGH LEVEL: Excursions featuring distances longer than 15Km and more than 5 hour treks. High difficulty level treks are challenging for entry level trekkers and strongly recommended for experienced trekkers. Long excursions allow us to go from one region to another where we can see different environmental conditions and even different climate zones.