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Can children be enrolled in treks and hikes? How old should a child be to get enrolled in our
plans? What is the oldest age recommended to enroll in hikes, treks or expeditions?

According to our experience there is no age limitation to enroll in treks and hikes. If children are to
be enrolled in any of our activities, a responsible adult must be in charge of them at all times. We
strongly recommend to bring all the devices you may require to carry your child safely. Kids adapt to
any environment easily and are full of energy. Some of our treks and hikes are harder than others.
Adults should be supportive but are not meant to be overprotective with their children. Encouraging
kids to complete the trails will benefit their skills and attitudes towards nature and this sports activity.


Regarding to older adults, we have seen 80 year olds who perform better than 20 year olds. Being in
good physical condition is what matters when trekking and hiking. Age is not as important as your
physical condition. If you are able to walk long distances and to be aware of your environment, you
are able to join us in most of our treks and hikes. We encourage you to use trekking poles. Please
be aware of your medical condition. If your physician has made any restrictions for you and your
physical activities, please ask us for the specific conditions of any plan to verify if you will be able to
join us. Don’t hesitate to ask!



What about safety and security during the activities?

All of our treks and hikes are always performed on trails we know decades ago. We always get in
touch with local people to make sure everything is fine in every stage of the trail before going to our
destination. We ask for advice from local authorities so we make sure everyone will safe and the
zone is secure during the activity. There are some natural risks involved in trekking and hiking.
Caminantes del Retorno is not responsible for any of the risks that go farther than our organizational



What kind of footwear is the best for Caminantes del Retorno’s activities?

We strongly recommend to use hiking or trekking boots. Good grip, a supportive footbed and
breathable but waterproof membranes allow you to walk comfortably. The usage of this kind of boots
is not mandatory but recommended. You can bring any kind footwear that make you feel comfortable
and secure when walking thru trails in natural sceneries.



What is included in the fee I pay to enroll in any of your activities?

Every plan and destination have different pricing specifications. One day trips always include
guidance and transportation from Bogota to our destination and back to Bogota. You must bring your
own food and beverages. Natural park entrance fees are not included in our prices. Please read
carefully the plan you choose in order to know what is and what is not included in the specific plan
you are interested in.



Are there any insurance policies available?

You can get an optional insurance policy for COP 3.000 per person. If you want to buy it, you must
ask for it four (4) days in advance to the starting date of the activity you want to enroll in. The
insurance policy is issued by Colasistencia, who will make you know the specific terms and
conditions of the policy you will buy.



What kind of food is recommended for a trekking day?

Bring whatever you need to have enough energy and feel healthy. Please be aware that there will
not be any food cooking or heating facilities in the location of our activities. We recommend to bring
sandwiches, fruits, peanuts and/or cereal bars. It is extremely important to bring beverages that keep
you hydrated (350ml to 500ml is enough for a trekking day). Remember not to overload your
backpack with food. The heavier the load in your back the harder the walk thru the trails.