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Discover Colombia’s true identity

We want to deliver a natural, real and unforgettable experience to the trekkers who join us. We offer:

Decades of experience:

We have been on the business for more than 35 years. We are specialized tourist operators focused on nature travel. Our objective is to encourage tourists to discover Colombia: a country full of color, nature and happiness.

Customized trips:

We will make a customized trip for your group or individual travellers. You can choose the date and length of your activity. Just let us know what you are interested in and we will kindly make a plan according to your requirements.

Environmental responsibility:

We work hard in order to preserve natural conditions of the destinations we visit. We strive to diminish our impact and we encourage trekkers who join us to do so. We support local communities by training them on biodiversity preservation and nature tourism guidance.

Owned photographic archive:

All the pictures and information we feature in our plans and website have been taken by our company during more than 35 years. We have an archive with more than 250.000 pictures of 120 destinations in Colombia. We are permanently promoting our country’s best protected natural jewels thru our own material and experiences.

Crystal clear information:

Every route and destination must have a special and detailed preparation. Adventure travel requires patience and adaptation skills. Trekkers receive crystal clear information from us about the conditions of the destination in order to make decisions towards his/her plan.

Customer satisfaction:

We create our plans according to our traveler’s expectations. As tourist operators we strive to meet your expectations coping with any logistic setbacks that might happen during the service.

Support to local community tourism organizations:

We strive to work with local partners in every destination. Local environment authorities and communities are our allies and we work hand in hand with them so our support has a deep impact in tourism sustainability.

We are a tourism operator agency with professional and certified guides:

We work closely with international travel agencies providing our nature travel destination plans. We are registered in Colombia’s National Tourism Registry.

Caminantes del Retorno (spanish brand of in media: