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Where to buy clothes and equipment for outdoor activities?



Trekking clothes:Any piece of clothing made for outdoor activities must meet three conditions: breathability, water resistance and abrasion resistance. It is important for you to protect from the sun, prevent dehydration and maintain a comfortable body temperature. In colder weather conditions it is recommended to wear 3 layers of clothes: The inner layer which is warm, light and breathable; the mid layer, in which fleece is commonly used; and an outer layer made of water resistant breathable clothes. Fast drying clothes are strongly recommended.


After 20 years of being involved in outdoor activities, we recommend Paramo Clothing.


Boots: Footwear must have a great grip, be comfortable and waterproof (or at least, water resistant). In high mountain environments (glaciers), rigid boots are recommended for crampon use.
We recommend Bestard Boots, Boreal, Asolo and Hi-tec. If you are in Colombia, you can find this footwear brands in ADM shops.


Camping stoves: Camping Gaz stoves are a very popular choice. They feature interchangeable gas cartridges and provide a good heating capacity. There are MSR and Coleman stoves that use other kind of fuels that are highly efficient. If you are in Colombia, you can find some of these stoves in 14 Ochomiles stores.


EstTents:Tents: Tents are made of different materials and feature different shapes. Best models are likely to be weatherproof, have duraluminium structures, sealed seams, PU coatings, a fly that reach the ground and venting ports. The lighter the weight the better to bring in your backpack. Your choice depends on the compromise of weight vs. size vs. weather capabilities. We recommend Salewa, Vaude, Ferrino and Marmot brands. In Colombia, some of their models can be found in 14 Ochomiles stores.


Backpacks:Best backpacks are abrasion resistant, have sealed seams, are made of good construction materials and have an ergonomic design. We recommend 70 liter capacity backpacks for our excursions. They are big enough to carry all your belongings and your needed accessories while not being as heavy as bigger size backpacks. Recommended brands are Lowe Alpine, Altus, Vaude and Quechua.


Morrales: Un buen morral debe tener costuras resistentes, resistencia a la abrasión, fácil acceso al interior, construcción uniforme, buena ergonomía y materiales de calidad. El volumen óptimo es de 70Lt de capacidad. Las mejores marcas de morrales son Lowe alpine, Altus, Vaude o Quechua.


Sleeping bags: Sleeping bags have different heat grades according to the environment that they are meant to be used. A good sleeping bag is lightweight and have greater heat retention rates. The smaller the packed size of your sleeping bag, the easier to pack it in your backpack.


Sleeping pads: There are two main categories: air pads and foam pads. Air pads are likely to be more comfortable while foam pads tend to be more effective when isolating humidity and cold air. Air pads are inflatable or auto-inflatable, and their packed size is considerably smaller than foam pads. Foam pads have to be fitted outside your backpack.


Sun protection: We encourage you to use hats and a 50FPS+ sunscreen.


Lighting: Use headlamps and lanterns featuring LED lights. They are likely to have greater strength lights while not draining battery life. Some headlamps are waterproof or water resistant, which is desirable in any outdoor activity due to rainy conditions. In Colombia, you can find some of the best models at 14 Ochomiles stores.


Recomendaciones generales:

Es importante preferir materiales reutilizables o reciclables. Tenga mucho cuidado con los residuos inorgánicos para traerlos de nuevo la ciudad y darles un tratamiento adecuado. Seleccione los desperdicios.


Proteja los elementos electrónicos de la humedad. Lleve suficiente batería. Prefiera las baterías recargables. Lleve estrictamente lo necesario. Es fundamental en cualquier plan de viaje no cargar exceso de peso y porte un pequeño botiquín personal con los medicamentos que usted utiliza habitualmente.